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Mission Statement: 


To provide full nutritious meals to those in need by repackaging perishable food that would have otherwise been thrown away by food distributors. 

Problem / Solution:


            In the Denver area, we found many groups, grocery store chains and others working to fix the hunger crises. In our research with local and national grocery stores, we found an overwhelming willingness to donate their perishable food that has been pulled from the shelves, even though the food hasnt reached its expiration date.


Some food banks and donation centers take these perishable foods, but do not have the means to distribute them before they expire. Unfortunately, these tend to be the most nutritious. With only a small window of time to save this food before it goes bad, almost all of it is discarded. 



We collect the perishable food donations, and then cook, package and freeze them; thus extending the shelf life and providing those in need a nutritious meal.  


We are creating a method and service that helps multiple different groups solve two different problems which are, feeding those in need and cutting out food waste . This process is what makes our initiative work and more effective.


Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 11.27.12 AM.png

Step 1. Receiving Donated Food. We accept food donations from grocery stores, donation centers, and individuals.


Step 2. Cook food ready to be packaged. Our meals will be well balanced, nutritious, delicious and presented in a prideful manor. 


Step 3. Package individual meals that will supply one essential meal of the day. Different meal types will be for breakfast, lunch or dinner options. These individual meals will be labeled and machine sealed for a longer lasting, fresher product. 


Step 4. Freezing meals right after packaging extends the food’s shelf life substantially. This process creates a great meal option for an extended period of time. 


Step 5. Distribution of the meals will be done by pick-ups from other groups and drop offs by our group. New shipping technology makes it easy to keep food frozen fresh.

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