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Our GoFundMe

Government Grants

Gardening & Composting


Spreading The Word!

Our GoFundMe:

Amount to raise: $8000. 

No donation is too small!

Every dollar is important, especially in these early days as we are not making any money outside of donations and grants. This money will directly go to costs covering:

- operating our kitchen and rent space.             - refrigerator and freezer space.                    - packaging materials and machinery. 

         - some necessary food items such as spices, rices, pastas, etc…                            - travel operation costs for pick up and drops offs of food. 

Other ways to help!

- PLEASE share this with everyone you can to help spread the word! We will be putting out a Instagram post about raising money and we are hoping you will help share this initiative.

- Volunteers: Not just for cooking but also for helping with the grant writing, fundraising, etc… if you’ve got a skill, we will gladly utilize it!

- Food Drives: Our kitchen is always open to taking in excess food, whether that be boxed, canned or perishable. If you are interested, you can also help by running food drives in your own areas. That could be a church, place of business, club, etc… We would provide a bin and a write-up about our group.  

- Help with gardening and composting. We have access to gardening space at our location (6400 S University Blvd. Centennial, Co 80121) and are looking for volunteers to grow vegetables and help with composting solutions. 

- Government Grants.  

- Food Jar Donations. We are always looking for used glass cans and jars that we can reuse for canning foods that are going to be donated. 

- Passing along any contacts within the food space would also be helpful and follow us on Instagram and Facebook! @Philos.Kitchen



Food Drives


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